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You Are Not A Victim of Your Circumstances, You Are a Victim of Your Choices

You Are Not A Victim of Your Circumstances, You Are a Victim of Your Choices

Let me start with a little rant. Nothing drives me up the wall more than hearing phrases like (cue whining voice) “it’s the government’s fault”, “what NHS, might as well not even have one”, “it’s expensive”. Let me give you a quick reality check. This is the biggest pile of tripe I’ve ever heard. If you are reading this in a country where you have a thriving economy and freedom of speech, I am sorry to tell you, you have a disease called excusitis. You see, if that’s your way of thinking, you really have a bigger problem than you actually know. If this is your way of thinking about 99% of your problems, you may as well just get ready for the rollercoaster of a mundane life. I am going to give you a golden nugget that most people never realise throughout the whole duration of their lives. Are you ready?
Are you sure?
I really don’t want you to miss this. The truth is this, the moment you allow someone else or something else to be the blame of your problems is the moment you have lost all control. Did you get it? The moment you lose control is the moment you become helpless and unable to fend for yourself and it’s safe to say – can mark your inevitable doom. Why, you may ask? You are excepting no responsibility for your pending fate and leaving it in the hands of someone or something else. Stop focusing on what you can’t control and focus on what you CAN. Are there people out there who receive the best medical treatment? Yes! Are there people out there who are not phased by the government? Yes! Are there people out there who dont feel the need to check the price tag of everything they touch, yes! If these things have little to no effect on them, why not you? I’ll tell you why – because those people have chosen to be a victim of their choices not of their circumstances. There are many elements of your life you cannot control; on the other hand there are many elements that you can. If you want to life a happy, abundant and fulfilled life, stop focusing on what you don’t have and start to focus on what you do. Make more educated decisions about things that are in your control and watch your perception about so many things change!
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