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Living Your Best Life – Welcome to 2019

Living Your Best Life – Welcome to 2019

Ok, so let me start by saying, the title of this post is a touch misleading. Am I where I thought I would be at the age of 32? Not even close. Am I moving in the right direction? Absolutely. You see, it’s not about what you have in the bank, it’s not about the deposit you just put down on that new family home and it’s not even about (contrary to popular belief) whether you are married and have 2.4 children yet (or even ever). It’s simply about putting one foot in front of the other, taking it step by step and getting shit done – and by shit I mean what ever shit helps you feel your efforts put you in a better position than yesterday. Too many people get to this time of year and focus on what they haven’t achieved in the past 365 days and who they still aren’t after yet another year. Let me tell you, from someone who did this for so many years; this is the worst way to start your year. Unfortunately, as humans, we have an inert instinct to hone in on the trials and tribulations in our lives, yet if you were to really reflect on the past year; you would undoubtedly find wrapped up in all the deflated moments and helpless feelings of failure, little glimmers of light that if you bothered to give just five minutes thought, little warm feeling of happiness and gratitude would build up inside you and hey! Who knows – you might start thinking it wasn’t a bad year after all.

As I reflect on 2018, like everyone, I have had many challenges, fears and sleepless nights, but on the contrary, I have also developed new friendships, experienced new things, visited new countries and spent more time with loved ones than I have in any single year of adulthood. I even had the chance to casually drop everything and head to beautiful Colombia (more on that later) for two months, building business, a truly unique and incredible experience. I am incredibly grateful for all my experiences (good & bad) in 2018. Here is to an incredible 2019 filled with love, family, friends, success but most of all, happiness to everyone reading this!


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