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Grateful For What We Have Achieved Excited For What Is To Come

Grateful For What We Have Achieved Excited For What Is To Come

Time flies. It feels like the year only just began but we’re already in April, can you believe it? It won’t be long before we are counting down the days til Christmas. No – seriously, blink and you will miss it. Whilst time is always slipping by and nobody ever seems to achieve what they anticipate to in a designated window of time (well at least I don’t) I am so so grateful for what we have been able to achieve thus far in 2019. It’s easy to look at your life and focus on what you don’t have but I promise you, if that’s your attitude you will never have any of the things you truly want. You will get so hung up on all the things that are missing, you miss what you have. You will approach life with a scarcity mindset as if oxygen is hard to come by. I see it time after time. People are so focused on their problems it takes hold of them like a noose around their necks! Do your self a favour and just STOP. Always reminding your self that you can’t afford anything will definitely be the quickest way to *not* afford anything. I met an individual this week who told me he had no dream or goal because he wasn’t on his way there yet. I didn’t tell him what I was thinking but this makes zero sense. You must first see what you want before you can achieve it. You must first be grateful for what you have in order to get more of it. Don’t believe me? Exchange your expectations for appreciation and see over time how it starts to impact your life!
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