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Everybody Wants It All Until They Realise What It Takes To Have It All

Everybody Wants It All Until They Realise What It Takes To Have It All

Growing up, like most youngsters, I had this incredible vision for my life. I figured by 25 I would be married, living in my dream house and would be driving around in my dream car – a Porsche 911. I figured I would finish education, find my dream job; save some money and start buying all these items (obviously that didn’t include the wife!!). At 25 I would have everything I dreamt of plus some, and would live happily ever after. It’s interesting looking back. At such a young age these thoughts were so strong, not even one ounce of doubt penetrated my belief system. It was a beautiful time & I was oblivious to the world, oblivious to any financial struggles my parents were probably going through at that time and could see no logical reason why these series of events would not happen. Well, fast forward to age 24, there was no house, no wife and much to my utter dismay no Porsche (to be honest the fact there was no Porsche was worse for me at that point than the fact that there was no wife anyway, I digress). What is my point? At the age of eight, I really had no idea what it took in life to obtain these things. You see most people I speak to on a daily basis are happy to have all these things but really 1. Have no idea what it takes and 2. Have zero desire to work for it. I am very happy to say my goals have since evolved at the age of 33. My biggest goal is ultimate time freedom (but I still wouldnt mind the Porsche). It is all well and good wanting nice things and wanting to be free but you really need to be willing to do the unordinary to have the extraordinary – so next time you utter the words “I wouldn’t mind one of them” or “I wish I didn’t have to go to work” to yourself – really take a second to understand these things are completely possible. After all, someone out there already has that possession and/or no longer needs to go to work. If them, why not you? Simply because – Everybody wants it all until they realise what it takes to have it all!
If you want it all but unlike many others are actually willing to work for it, feel free to connect with me so I can show you how!

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