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Anything You Can Trust Has Stood the Test of Time

Anything You Can Trust Has Stood the Test of Time

So this weekend we are celebrating my parent’s 40th wedding anniversary. It goes without saying, in this day and age this is a huge milestone and something that is becoming rarer and rarer to see. I am incredibly proud to have them as my parents and it goes without saying I have the best parents in the world (don’t we all). Naturally, over the years they have had their ups and downs and things weren’t always smooth running in my household. My dad is very laid back and easy going; he takes an eternity to get things done. My mum on the other hand can juggle five tasks simultaneously and still get all five tasks done quicker than my father’s one task. This made for an interesting upbringing and an acceptance and understanding of each other’s attitudes and mindsets. My household was the one where you would ask your dad if you can do something or go somewhere, and the response would always be the same – ‘Ask your mum’. To me now, it is understandable. They grew up in slightly different times – in very different cultures with very, very different upbringings. Nothing was a big deal for my dad; but everything was a big deal for my mum. Even with their different belief systems, they managed to raise two good kids (well pretty good) and influence us equally with elements of their upbringing. I don’t ever recall going without, even though I am sure things were tough at times. We travelled for the first time as a family when I was roughly seven or eight. It was my first time abroad. In the consequent 10 years I travelled with them, we went to so many places I have lost count. They definitely shaped and influenced my big desire to travel and see the world. When I was in Secondary school I remember wanting to go on the school ski trip. The cost was about £500 and there was much deliberation at the time so I know now that money must have been tight for them. Somehow, I ended going on the same school trip respectively a further two years. What is my point? My parents literally gave us EVERYTHING we could have asked for. Here’s my problem now – they gave us everything. Now they are both basically retired and no longer working hard for us, it is my duty and responsibility to work hard for them. But here’s the issue, to work hard like they worked hard in their careers just won’t cut it in today’s economy. Look around, nearly everyone you know is struggling to keep themselves above water – let alone their loved ones too. I don’t know about other countries, but getting onto the property ladder is so out of reach for millions of people. If we keep doing the same old thing we will continue to struggle looking after ourselves, let alone our future and current loved ones. Wake up! The system is broken. I refuse to live that sort of life and more importantly allow my loved ones to – particularly my parents – struggle in their later years. I am putting my foot down and saying no. You should too. Open your mind, open your heart and start building a solid future. If not for you, for all those that are counting on you!


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