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Friends Won’t Support You Until Strangers Start Celebrating You!

Friends Won’t Support You Until Strangers Start Celebrating You!

Whether you have heard this saying before or not, stop and really consider what I am saying here. All too often we are surrounded by people who want to throw a spanner in our works; challenge us on our goals, hopes, and aspirations. Really think about this – how many times have you proposed the idea of applying for a new job, joining a gym, or thought of a genius idea to make a million – only to be shut down by your friends and family quicker than windows 98? What I am saying is, the people closest to you will naturally judge you on what they think you are capable of. The truth is, they have no idea what you are capable of and neither do you. We all have doubts, we all question ourselves and when your “loving” spouse comes home after a hard day at work, bitching and complaining about how crappy their day was, it is only natural for them to drag you down with them. Don’t limit yourself! You only get one shot at life. The world is too amazing to live the same year repeatedly and call it life. Here’s the crazy thing – if you can pluck up the courage to think and act outside of the box; your friends won’t support you until strangers start celebrating you. A few days back I received a huge milestone within my company. The love and support I received was insane. I spent hours returning calls, responding to messages from people who were once strangers and have now become friends. Today I have people in my life who started as business partners but who have now become better friends and family than half of my blood relatives. Moral of the story, if your friends and family aren’t in line with your goals and values, don’t be afraid to connect with people who are. There are 7 billion people in the world (well thereabout). Trust me, there are a few out there that get you. That doesn’t mean after you have read this to simply cut ties with everyone you know, but simply know your value and be mindful of who you let into your world, it’s a very precious place!


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