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You Can’t Afford To Be Skeptical

You Can’t Afford To Be Skeptical

Ok, maybe I’m about to offend – but someone has to say it – the fact of the matter is, most of us cant afford to be skeptical. You see, what worked in our parents’ day and age doesnt necessarily work today. Too many of us walk around with an old school mentality and the inability to see outside the corporate trap. Now I am not for one second saying that being part of the corporate world doesnt have its good points, but I am saying – don’t be fooled into thinking they’ve got your back. The truth is this, the current state pension age in the UK is 63 for women and 65 for Men. This is set to rise over the next 10 years because guess what! The UK pension system doesnt have enough money to support the ever growing ageing population. To add injury to insult they want to fob you off with sub £150 a week when you are finally eligible for your state pension. When will the world wake up? So many people are working so hard for companies that couldnt care less about them. Making you work your favourite shift, the good old 3 – 11pm. Then they have the cheek to tell you you have to work on Boxing day too and you cant take holiday during summer sale, winter sale, Easter, Christmas and when good old Tim is away on holiday either. Ok ok – I might be being a bit exaggerative – but you get my drift. The fact is, we are working in most cases nearly 20 years of our lives, giving our precious years to a corporation; only to drop dead 3 years after we are retired and finally free, when all most people ever really wanted in the first place was to earn money so they COULD be free. It doesnt make sense! Wake up and smell the coffee, dont be skeptical to other ways of doing things. Working a traditional 9-5 in most cases will not bring you the life you desire. These are only my thoughts, you know the truth but be truthful with yourself, are you happy where you are? If not, maybe you need to be more open minded to different ways of doing things so that someday you will be happy with where you are. If this resonates with you, my advice: get around different people, ask different questions and build yourself the perfect network for your success!


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